TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Tinker Coders Southern Africa



• Tinker Coders reserves the right to postpone the start of any class until a minimum of 5 students are



• Your child will only be registered when all initial fees are paid.




•  Tinker Coders has different fees payable depending on the product you choose.


• Unpaid Tuition fees will result in the suspension of your child from classes from the 7th of the

month. Penalty fees will be applicable for late payments.


• Fees are payable in advance.


• Fees applicable as directed by STEMROBO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India annually.


• Parents will be responsible for all charges incurred if debt need to be collected.


• Tinker Coders is a member of Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd who assist with the recovery of outstanding monies.




• One calendar month’s written notice of the intention to terminate Tinker Coders is required. All outstanding fees as well as fees for the notice month must still be paid.


• If your child discontinues Tinker Coders and wants to join again at a later date, a re-registration fee will be applicable.




• All Tinker Coders products are protected by copyright NO unlawful copies are permitted.


• Perseverance and diligence is the key to success and it is important to foster these attributes in all


Last updated: October 2020

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